12 Best Registry Cleaner Software for Windows PC

Registry cleaners are software programs that remove unnecessary entries from the Windows Registry. They are especially useful for removing registry entries that point to files that no longer exist.

Say, you’ve recently uninstalled several software and there are a lot of unwanted entries left behind then, a registry cleaner software will search for all abandoned entries and delete them after seeking your consent. The following are some of the most popular and best-featured software for maintaining the Windows registry. Most registry cleaning software will claim to help speed up your computer, that’s not necessarily true.

CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Probably the most well-known of all the registry cleaning tools in this list, CCleaner, is a well-rounded PC maintenance software. The built-in registry cleaning function in CCleaner can accomplish almost everything a good registry cleaner can do, and it has a nice, clean interface.

Before making any changes, the utility asks if you want to back up the registry. You can also use CCleaner to run a rapid or in-depth inspection of your files, drive, and registry, as well as eliminate any programme leftovers and choose which applications to run when your Windows PC boots up. You may also manage all of your browser plug-ins, discover duplicates, clean your drivers, and much more.

Ccleaner for Windows

Although there is a commercial version of the available (CCleaner Professional), the freeware version is suitable for most Windows registry cleanup operations. The commercial edition adds automated browser cleaning, real-time monitoring, and technical help, all of which can boost system speed significantly. However, like all registry cleaning software, you could cause more problems than what you have if you delete the wrong entries. After having used the software for years, we can say with certainty that CCleaner has not messed up a Windows installation.

Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner window

When you run this registry cleaning, it launches a wizard that guides you through the process of scanning for mistakes. The scan, however, takes some time to complete. Before any registry items are erased, backups are produced automatically, and an automatic maintenance mode cleans your computer without your interaction when it first starts up, which is really convenient. Undoing registry changes is simple since you may restore from an automatically made backup or create your own registry backup at any time, then restore the registry from the Undo changes part of the software. The Argente Registry Cleaning tool is part of the Argente Utilities Suite, which also contains apps like autorun, disc remover, duplicate finding, malware cleaner, and uninstall.

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Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner Window

Wise Registry Cleaner is a programme that cleans your computer’s registry like the other tools in this list. Wise Registry Cleaner is a great option if you want to defragment your Windows Registry aside from cleaning up orphaned registry entries. Fast registry scans, scheduled scans, in-place upgrades, and a clear distinction between typical and “unsafe” concerns are all huge pluses.

Wise Registry Cleaner forces you to download Wise Disk Cleaner at the end of the installation but you can choose to ignore that. Most other soft- ware tend to combine multiple tools into the same package whereas Wise Registry Cleaner keeps them separate. This way, you have a no-nonsense software that does just one thing but does it well.

Wise Registry Cleaner also offers a system tune-up option that can boost PC performance, as well as the registry defragmentation feature that we mentioned previously. Proper usage of the two features can clean and defrag your registry to make it faster, lighter, and more stable.

Glarysoft Registry Repair


Registry Repair by Glarysoft is another good free registry repair program to make it to this list. It aids in the optimisation of your PC’s performance by repairing your registry. The registry scan process will begin immediately when you open the tool. You can locate and delete invalid entries, refer- ences, and links in the registry in a few simple steps. It displays a list of the faults discovered, and you may opt to correct certain things or have them all repaired automatically. It also provides an automatic registry backup feature before making any changes to the Windows registry, which helps to reduce risk.

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We’d always recommend that you make backups of your registry before running any operations on it manually. Additionally, every time you wipe the registry, an Undo file is created, allowing you to easily undo any modi- fications. Glarysoft Utilities, a paid upgrade, adds capabilities including a registry cleaner, shortcut fixer, spyware remover, disc repair, track eraser, temporary file cleaner, and startup manager to this free tool.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

This registry cleaner is refreshingly straightforward; you select which types of registry entries to scan for using checkboxes. If you’re having problems with a previously installed programme, this is a great option. Before making

Auslogics Registry Cleaner Window

any changes, the register is automatically backed up and can be restored using the Rescue Center option. Before you commit to anything, you can go down and see exactly which registry keys will be erased.

You can also use the search function to detect and remove keys without having to go through the trouble of scanning all hives, review reports with found and deleted registry entries, open an entry’s position in the Registry Editor, and use the search function to detect and remove keys without having to go through the trouble of scanning all hives.

Any registry entries can be added to an ignore list, which will prevent them from being scanned in the future. Because of third-party components, the installation process is complicated, and the app’s interface is cluttered with shortcuts and adverts for other Auslogics products. Despite this, Registry Cleaner is a good free registry cleaner for Windows.

RegSofts Free Window Registry Repair

This useful registry repair application has a simple interface that appears to be outdated. The skin very much looks like applications from the Windows Vista era. There are various buttons on it that take you straight to the task, as well as a panel on which the findings are shown. You can also set up a custom scan so that only the hives that you want to focus on are scanned.

RegSofts Free Window Registry Repair

This becomes very useful because the scan time for Free Windows Registry Repair was the longest of all the registry cleaners that we have tried out, but the results appear to be satisfactory.

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You can set this freeware registry repair application to automatically build backups and to create a system restore point before repairing mistakes, as well as to disregard missing files on portable storage. This free PC registry cleaning for Windows continues to be updated in a regular manner but we haven’t seen an update after March 2021. This means it has not been updated for Windows 11 in particular. But you can use it for any Windows version up to Windows 10.


JetClean, a free registry cleaning from BlueSprig, isn’t widely known. How- ever, those concerns go right out of the window once you experience it. It has a well-designed UI and it managed to scan the full registry in only a few seconds.

JetClean has two main flaws that folks concerned about their privacy might not like. For starters, it considers an excessive quantity of cookies to be keepable, by default. It tries to install a toolbar, but you can refuse it throughout the installation process. Toolbars used to be an extremely

common add-on back in the Windows 98-XP era but it’s a very outdated concept these days.Another sore point about JetClean is the fact that JetClean doesn’t have a portable version. You must “create” one from within your computer’s installed version. At least the provision exists, and that should suffice for

some users.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 are all supported by the JetClean registry cleaning in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Advanced SystemCare Free

One of IObit’s many freeware apps is Advanced SystemCare Free. It has a programme called Registry Clean that cleans the registry. Advanced Sys- temCare has been around for more than 15 years and it has served countless Windows users over this time.

The registry scan is very speedy. Advanced SystemCare is ideal for non- techies because of how the user interface is designed to be friendly for novice users. Furthermore, once the cleaning is complete, you can shut down or restart your computer, so you won’t have to worry about it. This is good for scheduling the cleaning operation towards the end of the workday so that you get a speedy PC when you come back to work the next day.

Advanced SystemCare Window

The 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are on the official list of supported operating systems.

Power Tools Lite

Macecraft, the authors of several famous Windows applications, has released Power Tools Lite, a freeware registry cleaning. PowerTools Lite is quick and detects about the same number of unnecessary registry entries as the other programmes in this section of the list.

Power Tools Lite Window

Unlike some other free registry cleaners, no toolbars or other apps attempted to install.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are all supported. However, the utility isn’t compatible with anything older than Windows 7. The software has not been updated for a long time so we don’t recommend using it on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or 11. The developers of the software are currently maintaining jv16 Power Tools which is a more feature-rich application and it also supports Windows 11. So if you’re still interested, then you might want to check that out.


EasyCleaner is another one of the more well-known and often recommended free registry cleaners available. The user interface is a little old, but it’s a good registry cleaner.

It takes a little more time to scan the registry than other registry cleaners, but it does a good job overall. And unlike most free software, the installa- tion process does not try to slip in any unwanted applications or toolbars.

EasyCleaner is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95, but it may also function with subsequent versions of Windows. It too has not been updated since 2007 but it’s supported till Windows 10. This registry cleaner is available in both installation and portable versions.

Little Registry Cleaner

This free Windows Registry cleaning application crams a lot of functionality into a little package.

Little Registry Cleaner Window

For starters, Little Registry Cleaner detected a lot more errors in the registry than most other registry cleaners, so try it if one of the others on this list isn’t functioning. This is also a double-edged sword since that means you could end up deleting more registry entries than needed.

This tool also allows you to choose the folder on your computer to use for automatic registry backups before cleaning, ignore particular files and folders from being scanned, create a restore point before removing registry data, and run a scheduled scan for invalid registry entries.

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