20 Must-Have Applications for Linux

Linux operating system is one of the most extensively used operating systems of all time. It is extremely popular around the world. This popularity is largely due to its well-supported community, large package repositories, and highly customizable nature. This free and open-source operating system is an excellent alternative to Windows and macOS. Many well-known applications for Windows are not compatible with Linux. Therefore, it is essential to know which applications are suitable for Linux users to get the most out of them. We have got some handpicked must-have applications for Linuxwhich you need in your everyday use.

#1. Stacer– The PC Optimizer 

Stacer stands out first in our must-have applications for Linux. It is an open-source PC optimizer and application monitor for Linux and its distros like Linux Mint and Ubuntu. System administrators find this a great tool to manage system resources and keep track of their performance. For new users, it is easy to understand and use the application as the user interface is uncomplicated. The resource tab displays the system activity, including RAM, Disk, and CPU load.

#2. VLC Media Player– The Media Player 

This is a famous media player and has been active for a decade and comes exceptionally well supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is popular and free and supports almost all types of audio and video formats. The interface is clean and straightforward. It offers excellent tools, such as tweaking video and audio playbacks with keyboard shortcuts. All these capabilities of VLC made this one of the must-have applications for Linux.

#3. Steam– A Gaming Emulator 

It is a video game distribution app that works well on cross platforms and is popular among gamers. Suppose you are a fan of video games like Global Offensive and Counter-Strike. In that case, you can play on the other Distro of Linux, i.e., Linux Mint, using Steam. There are thousands of video games out there, including many accessible games.

#4. Rambox– The Multi Social Media Application

Rambox is an open-source email and messaging application. It is unique as it allows more than 100 email and messaging services with its free edition. You can use Gmail, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more in one application. This app is highly professional and, in many ways, better than official apps of certain services regarding quality and functionality. It is one of those apps that everyone must have, whether using windows, Mac, or Linux system. The app is well organized with an easy-to-use tab layout. It is highly secure with a high number of users today. Considering the unique feature of this app, we have added this to our must-have application for the Linux list. You can download this app at rambox.pro.

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#5.Kodi– A media Repo 

This is an open-source home theatre software that powers home entertainment on smart TV. It is free and makes any screen run. They are, however, not to be confused with Netflix. It is a tool that organizes and allows you to play their media or media from third-party services. You can store movies and other streaming media on your PC, mobile, and tablet and stream them using this app. Kodi has unlimited possibilities. You can download and install Kodi from the default software store on Linux.

#6. Calibre– A Book Reader 

Calibre is an excellent ebook reader. This software also manages ebooks on a Linux platform and supports all types of ebook formats. It has a simple interface with excellent font options. With its flexible options, readers can customize and style their ebooks. Calibre is a powerful tool that allows users to create and style an ebook on Linux. It also converts ebooks from one format to another. Calibre is available on the Linux software store and can be installed from there.

#7. TimeShift– A Powerful PC Restore

This is a powerful app that restores the system even if someone accidentally deletes the operating system as a whole. This app comes pre-installed with the Linux distro, and it is the ultimate recovery tool. For users who mess around with their system often, the Timeshift app is a must for them. Timeshift is easy to use, and you can take a snapshot of the entire system, which helps to restore that snapshot if something goes wrong with the system. Timeshift automatically makes daily and weekly backups of the system, which is a bonus. You can back up the operating system with its drivers and all the apps used regularly with Timeshift and then forget worrying about what happens to the system. System restore is a must for all operating systems, so TimeShift has taken a position in our must-have applications for Linux.

#8. Gnome Tweak Tool– Gnome Desktop Modifier

The Gnome tweak tool is a must if you run a Gnome desktop environment. This tweaking tool is extremely powerful and gives various options that can change the basic working of desktops. For example, it allows you to modify fonts, change keyboard and mouse behavior, and change theme icons. And the top bar can also be changed with this tool.

#9. Synaptic– Package Manager 

Synaptic is a software package manager that can be installed on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a desktop operating system and one of the Linux super secure distros. Synaptic is a powerful, old-fashioned tool that installs package workflow. They can also find and fix broken packages with a single click.

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#10. NitroShare- Data Transfer Application 

It is a cross-platform open-source application that is used to share files across a local network. Once NitroShare is installed, it integrates with an operating system like Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It also automatically detects other devices on a network with NitroShare installed on it. This enables a user to transfer files from one device to another quickly. NitroShare works at high speed on a fast network. It supports desktop notifications and more.


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#11. Cryptsetup– A disk Encryption Tool For Linux

Cryptsetup is an open-source utility that enables users to encrypt files using the Linux Unified Key Setup design. It encrypts whole disks, partitions, removable media, software RAID volumes, and logical volumes. It is a secure application as Ubuntu uses AES-256 to encrypt disk volumes and helps protect from attacks that target statically encrypted data. Considering security is one of the must-have features in today’s world, we have added this to our must-have application for Linux.

#12. VirtualBox– Virtualization 

VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application software. Virtual Box allows you to run a guest operating system on the host operating system, such as Linux, Windows, or Mac. It creates a virtual hard drive and then creates a guest operating system on it. If anyone loves to try out a new operating system, the VirtualBox is a must-have application for Linux operating system.

#13. Etcher– Bootable Disk Writer 

It is an open-source USB image writer developed on a cross-platform application by resin.io. The cross-platform app helps to burn files like ISO, IMG, and ZIP to the USB storage. It is easy and reliable and a must for someone who wants to try out a new operating system. Etcher has a clean interface that guides the user through the process of burning image files onto a USB or SD card. Etcher can easily be downloaded from its website.

#14. NeoFetch– System Information 

NeoFetch is a tool that provides all information about a system. By running the NeoFetch command on the terminal, You can get information about the desktop environment, kernel version, bash version, and GTK theme running on the system. It is a highly customizable tool.

#15. PlayOnLinux– Run Windows Programs On Linux 

PlayOnLinux is one of the best solutions for those who can’t leave some Windows applications. It allows you to run windows applications on Linux using Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”). It is free software and uses python language and bash commands. This tool forced us to add to the must-have applications for the Linux list for a unique purpose.

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#16. Xkill– Kill The Linux Program Super Fast 

The Xkill utility forces the X server to close all connections to the user. It is used for aborting programs that display windows that are undesirable for a user. Even though Linux is known for its stability and error-free functionality, no matter how advanced and bug-free a system may be, breakdowns can happen. The system does hang at some point. This is, however, not disastrous, as Linux users can utilize Xkill to get rid of “not responding” messages.

#17. SimpleNote– A Note App That Is Capable Of Sharing Among Another Computer 

SimpleNote is a good Evernote alternative available for Linux. This app was developed by Automattic, who also developed WordPress. It offers all basic note-taking features and sync well across multiple devices for free.

#18. Mega– A Free Cloud Storage Offers 50 GB For Free Tier User 

Mega is a multi-platform app that syncs files and folders between the local and online cloud servers. It provides a client application for Linux desktops and offers a free 50 GB of storage on the cloud.


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#19. KeePass: Password Safe

KeePass stores all passwords in an encrypted database. It exists in a single file, and you can access this database by using a key file or password, or both. This app was first a windows app, and the interface has not changed much. This is one of the must-have applications for Linux.

#20. aTunes: Alternative Program For iTunes 

aTunes is a perfect alternative for iTunes. It allows you to do pretty much everything you can on iTunes. We definitely urge you to try this application if you are an Apple user.


The above 20 applications listed above cover most of the essential features that you need for daily use. The list may grow as per your need. But, our goal is to provide the must-have application for the Linux platform.

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